Easy on the Heart

2005, Rhombus Records


Alan Pasqua, piano
Darek Oles, bass
Tim Pleasant, drums
Bob Sheppard, saxes, bass clarinet
Steven Campos, trumpet

Produced by Barbara Brighton
Arranged by Alan Pasqua


Wexler doesn’t play the debut-disc game of most jazz vocalists by packing the playlist with ringers. Instead, this subtly powerful Glendale singer offers a satisfyingly challenging program of lesser-known gems… Wexler also proves she can handle bebop (Meredith D’Ambrosio’s “Gorgeous Creature”) and deliver the blues (with an Oscar Brown Jr. cover, no less). The one constant: a spot-on, expressive voice.

-L.A. Daily News

Her assertive, no-frills delivery is a dominant and pleasant feature in her singing, as it focuses our attention on the clear and lucid storytelling. The extras in her style are subtle, delicate, well-timed, purposeful and a testament to her good taste…she clearly knows what liberties to take, what lines to stretch and, more importantly, how to enchant us fully.

– All About Jazz