Dreams & Shadows


(2008, Jazzed Media)


Jeff Colella, piano
Alan Pasqua, piano
Darek Oles, bass
Joe LaBarbera, drums
Steve Hass, drums
Bob Sheppard, saxes, bass clarinet
Gilbert Castellanos, trumpet
Tollak Ollestad, harmonica
Stefanie Fife, cello

Produced by Barbara Brighton
Arranged by Jeff Colella & Alan Pasqua


Here’s a thrush that knows how to sing and swing like a throwback to the golden age of broads. Saucy, sexy with great tone and style, she’s selling the steak and not just the sizzle. A jazz vocalist for this or any season, Wexler hits it on some intuitive, innate level that just makes you a fan right out of the box. Hot stuff throughout.

– Midwest Record

Based on the evidence of her new second album, Dreams & Shadows, Judy Wexler can sing almost anything.

-Susan Stamber, NPR Weekend Edition