Back to the Garden

Iconic 1960s Songs of Love, Hope & Change, Reimagined

On her 6th album, BACK TO THE GARDEN, Judy recasts classic songs of the 1960s as jazz/pop anthems that are as relevant today as they were over 50 years ago.


Judy Wexler  vocals
Jeff Colella  piano, melodica (5), background vocals (1)
Larry Koonse  nylon string & electric guitar
Gabe Davis  bass
Steve Hass  drums
Bob Thiele, Jr.,  electric guitar, baritone guitar (1,7,8,9)
Erin Bentlage  background vocals (1,4,7,9)
Danny Janklow  alto sax (4)
Jay Jennings  trumpet (10)
Hendrik Meurkens  harmonica (8)
Sara Caswell violin (9)
Joel Pargman  violin (3,6)
Carrie Kennedy  violin (6)
Rodney Wirtz  viola (3,6)
Stefanie Fife  cello (3,5,6)
Talley Sherwood  background vocals (1)

Produced by Judy Wexler and Jeff Colella
Arrangements by Jeff Colella (1,2, 4-9) and Josh Nelson (3,10)
String arrangements by Jeff Colella
Trumpet arranged by Jeff Colella
Background vocal arrangements by Erin Bentlage (1,7,9)
Background vocal arrangement by Jeff Colella & Erin Bentlage (4)