Crowded Heart


Judy Wexler, vocals
Alan Pasqua, piano, melodica, whistling
Larry Koonse, guitar
Josh Johnson, alto sax
Bob Sheppard, alto flute
Darek Oles, bass
Steve Hass, drums
Aaron Serfaty, percussion
Stefanie Fife, cello

Produced by Alan Pasqua and Judy Wexler
Arranged by Alan Pasqua
Associate Producer Barbara Brighton

Wexler shows a fondness for individualism and demonstrates a keen ear for strong material. She takes the road less traveled by focusing on the work of jazz composers thriving in the present. In doing so she magnifies the importance of these artists, highlights material worthy of greater attention, and elevates her own standing as a gifted stylist and interpreter.

– Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

She is balletic light on her vocal feet, dead-on with her pitch, and lyrically smooth. She probes emotional depth and returns gems without melodrama. While hearts may indeed be crowded, this superb and original effort from a very talented and insightful artist and her cadre has certainly found its way into ours.

–  Nick Mondello, All About Jazz